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VNET Changes

Changes to VNet Update

To assist with our overall Communications, changes have been made to our VNet site to make it easier for all staff to access information particularly as it relates to COVID 19. We have created a “Comms Icon” link on top of the VNet Home page to our Communications page which stores all VINZ Bulletins, CEO newsletters, General and Technical News. We have also added a new “COVID Comms” page with a link from the VNet Home page where we will be displaying important COVID information including useful links for all staff in one central location.

This new COVID Comms page is where you will be directed should you receive a text link on your mobile to alert you of any VINZ COVID updates from the Business, this means you can access the updates from the text link on your phone or directly by going to the new COVID Comms page on VNet.

Attached is a document detailing the changes and showing how to navigate directly to the Communications page or the COVID Coms page. On the COVID Comms page there are two information areas set apart for important staff information and general COVID information with additional quick links to H&S, P&C, and the Communications VNet pages.

For all managers who would like to add important staff information or general COVID information please contact  IT@vinz.co.nz for assistance with this.


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