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At VINZ we have a tailored and flexible approach to delivering our inspection services.

Talk to us about how we can deliver our services at your site. We’re always open to new opportunities.

On-site compliance
VINZ has a network of partnership arrangements with repair workshops and compliance centres around New Zealand. Together we provide a ‘one stop shop’ for entry certification and vehicle appraisals for used car dealers.

We are always looking for new partners to work with.

On-site inspections
If you are a fleet operator, we can provide inspection services at your own site, including Warrant of Fitness (WoF), Certificate of Fitness (CoF), or Pre-Certificate of Fitness (CoF) Inspections. We can help you obtain the necessary site approval.

Or if you’re considering providing your own regulatory vehicle inspections on-site, we can provide advice and assistance.

On-site partnerships
Another partnership option includes VINZ leasing space and operating from your premises to deliver fast, efficient on-site vehicle inspections.

On-site services
  • Entry Certification
  • Vehicle Appraisals
  • Warrant of Fitness (WoF)
  • Pre-Certificate of Fitness (CoF) inspections
  • Certificate of Fitness (CoF)

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On-site compliance

Let VINZ certify and appraise vehicles at your premises.

On-site inspections

Let VINZ obtain site approval to provide inspections at your premises.

On-site partnerships

Let VINZ lease space and deliver inspections on-site.

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