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VINZ invests in training and development

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Vehicle Inspection New Zealand – VINZ, believes on the job training and career progression is a key driver for developing their positive corporate culture, and work environment.

“We are proud of being part of a progress company that values our people and their mindset’s. We are also proud to have an average employment term of 5½ years.” says David Law – Manager P&C.

David also said, “We’re committed to our people and as such identified the need for a Learning and Development Specialist”.

Christel Londt recently joined VINZ, as the Learning and Development Specialist. This new role will ensure existing staff and new recruits are up-skilled according to industry requirements, focusing on technical knowledge, career development, as well as, customer service.

With over 10 years + experience in the field, Christel has a passion for adult learning and individual growth. “Learning is everywhere, we just don’t always realize it. Learning programs should be created in such a manner that employees learn without linking their up-skilling to formal training”, say’s Christel.

Christel’s goal is to create a new on-boarding program, as well as, continuous learning programs to ensure our people are set up for success, while promoting a passion for their daily activities.

The new learning program consists of enlightening a career path for inspectors. In addition, it will assist through improved training methods to increase the number of appropriate authorities issued by the New Zealand Transport Association (NZTA).

This program will assist new employees with the necessary technical skills to gain the much-needed theoretical knowledge.

A variety of on-the-job programs will be made available with VINZ current technical experts, ensuring the necessary practical skills are obtained, which will include the execution of their daily activities.

VINZ believes technical and soft skills training should be made available in different methods, catering for all generations at any time of day or night.