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Making Driving Safer – Billy Green

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Find out why Billy says ".... all families need to be in safe vehicles, and need to share the road with other safe vehicles”. #MakingDrivingSafer

Meet Billy Green, VINZ Compliance Specialist Manager in the Southern Region.

Originally from a small town in the highlands of Scotland, Billy moved to New Zealand after falling in love with the South Island, during his overseas experience. “The South Island and the highlands of Scotland are very similar in scenery, with the obvious difference being the weather” says Billy.

Billy has 30 years’ experience in the automotive trade industry, having worked on heavy trucks to small two stroke engines and is well respected in the industry, by his customers, colleagues, and the New Zealand Transport Association, which has lead Billy, to the recent appointment of VINZ Compliance Manager for the Southern Region.

This new position is integral to the New Zealand automotive industry, due to “the import procedure changes, and the amount, of vehicles, that are imported to New Zealand each year”, says Billy.

“There have also been other changes, such as ESC in all vehicles” says Billy. These changes are now in full effect, and this industry changes determines what cars can, and can’t be imported into New Zealand, helping the country to achieve safer vehicles to add to the fleet.

Billy says, “the new regulations are important as it makes it harder to import vehicles that are more than 20 years’ old. You can still bring in classic vehicles, however the standards have to apply and meet all NZTA requirements”.

“There are far more cars on the road now than say 20 years’ ago, many families own multiple vehicles per household and all families need to be in safe vehicles, and need to share the road with other safe vehicles” say’s Billy.