Testing Stations

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Three reasons why it’s better to go to a testing station.

Getting a WOF or COF is a necessity we can all see the need for. But for those of us without the newest car or a mechanical background (most kiwis), it can sometimes be a dreaded trip. Is it going to pass first time or is it going to sting you in the back pocket? If you take your car to VINZ, you know you’re getting an independent assessment of your vehicle and aren’t going to get unnecessarily stung.

Here’s three reasons why it’s better to head to VINZ.

  1. You get an independent assessment

We’ve all taken our car in for a warrant or a certificate of fitness and come back with a list as long as our arm of things that need fixing. When your mechanic is your inspector, how can you be certain all of it really needs doing? An independent vehicle inspection is the only way to get real peace of mind.

VINZ only do vehicle inspections. Working Under NZTA deed of appointment, VINZ is only permitted to do independent inspections and does not do repairs for you. “Our commitment is safety first,” says Terry Mansfield, North Island Regional Manager. “We have nothing to gain from failing a vehicle.”

  1. Reduced waiting times and efficient service

VINZ provide their customers with state-of-the-art testing station facilities and equipment. Their new sites enable more efficient processing of vehicles and faster turnaround times. Smart design, the best inspectors and the latest testing equipment means services are more efficient. From the smallest, smartest car to the biggest heaviest truck, VINZ testing stations are designed to get your vehicle in and out with minimal waiting time so you can get on to more important things.

  1. Qualified inspectors

VINZ know that their business is centred around having the best inspectors with the best skills and training. “Our strength is our expertise,” says Mansfield. People and Capability Manager, David Law backs him up, “We’re proud to be part of a progressive company that values our people and their mindsets. We’re also proud to have an average employment term of 5 and a half years.”

VINZ has recently hired a Learning and Development Specialist to ensure existing staff and new recruits are up-skilled according to industry requirements. It’s just one of the ways VINZ stays ahead of the competition, keeping their staff up to date with the latest technical knowledge as well as keeping their customer service skills sharp.

So, when your next WOF or COF is due, find a VINZ testing station near you and get the assurance that comes with a truly independent inspection. And, if you sign up for their free reminder programme today you could win free 5 WOF checks. Look out for yourself, your car and your family’s safety and head to VINZ for your next WOF or COF.