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Wholesale Cars Direct has partnered with VINZ for many years.

Wholesale Cars Direct is an independent used car dealer and a market leader in the Greater Wellington region. They have a reputation for providing the highest quality selection of used vehicles for sale in New Zealand.

“To provide the highest quality, our processing & preparation of vehicles needs to be very thorough, which is why we partner with VINZ.

VINZ is such a valuable business partner because of their impeccable service and standards.

They understand our business and like us, they ‘stay ahead of the game’ and ensure their business practises never rest on their laurels – that’s why we choose to align our brand with VINZ.”

Gabriel Smith, General Manager

Wholesale Cars Direct

  • Thorough and professional processing
  • Impeccable service and standards
  • Aligned brand values
  • Business understanding
  • Outstanding customer service

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