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210802A COVID – 19 National LEVEL 3 Staff Bulletin

Hi All,

As you will have heard we now have confirmation that all areas south of Auckland will return under Level 3 from Wednesday 1st September. This is great news and while not a Level 2 allows VINZ to start rebuilding the revenue.

For those returning to work in Level 3, please take all precautions as the last thing we want is an outbreak of COVID outside the current L4 zones. It is likely that we will have significant volumes to deal with on the return, especially in Light Entry and COFB and the possibility of OT is high. Please discuss with your Manager if you do not wish to be involved in this as we will need all hands on deck to deal with the volume backlog. I am working with NZTA on a range of options to assist with this and will advise you once these are agreed.


To those in Level 4 Auckland. While I know it is hard to see the rest of the country at L3 our time will come, and we will be faced with an even greater backlog. So please be ready once the levels move to assist with moving this volume.

Look after yourselves and your family and let’s look forward to continually lowering case numbers.


Sean Stevens


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